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There are two world news stories breaking today which relate to Bible prophecy.The first relates to Javier Solana, foreign minister of the European Union. His power is growing. Solana or someone like him as head of EU could be the Anti-Christ described in the Bible.

Giscard: More Important Role for Solana May 15, 2002
The EU Observer reports: "The Chairman of the Convention revealed his views on what reforms should be done to the EU institutions. In the present system, according to Mr. Giscard, certain competencies of Foreign policy fall under the European Commission, through Commissioner for external relations Chris Patten and others by the Council, through Javier Solana. This situation 'cannot continue', the French ex- president said, according to El Mundo.

Mr. Giscard proposed to increase the role of the high representative of the European Union for the Foreign policy, Javier Solana, to the rank of a minister of Foreign Affairs of Europe. Mr. Giscard is also confident that this alternative, unlike others, would be accepted by the EU member states, El Mundo reported.

The French ex-president said that since Mr. Solana happens to be member of the European Council, he would have 'a certain autonomy' between the meetings of the Council and the ministers of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing proposed to end the rotatory Presidency of the Council, assumed every six months by a member of the EU15. 'The rotatory Presidency makes each country to dramatize what it does in order to capture the attention of mass media', he said…"

The other story relates to the European Union, and it's possible merger with Nato, Russia, etc.

The Associated Press reports: "A day after NATO and Russia officially relegated the Cold War to history by agreeing to combat terrorism together, the alliance stepped up preparations to move its border closer to Moscow's doorstep.

NATO foreign ministers met Wednesday with 10 eastern European candidates who are seeking an invitation to join the alliance during a special summit in Prague in November. At the same time, they also were seeking to improve relations with nations in the Caucasus and central Asia on Russia's southern borders.

The moves follow another milestone in efforts to erase the old Cold War divisions: an agreement between Moscow and Washington on Monday to reduce their nuclear arsenals by two-thirds.

The pact comes despite the U.S. intention to withdraw from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in order to be free to develop a missile shield. That plan had been one of the most contentious issues in the U.S.-Russian relationship, but Russian President Vladimir Putin eventually accepted Washington's decision as a fait accompli.

Prime candidates to join NATO despite Moscow's objections include the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which all have borders with Russia. Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria also are expected to get the go-ahead in Prague.

Both of these stories are quoted from Jack Van Impe's website. I do not need to tell you what is happening in Jerusalem. It is on the networks every day.
How are these stories related to Bible Prophecy? The Bible teaches that the world crises of the end times will center in Jerusalem and the middle east. I believe it also teaches that the Anti-Christ will come out of a "Revived Roman Empire." Could this be the EUROPEAN UNION? Could the anti-Christ be alive and moving toward one-worlld government? Could we be moving toward what the Bible calls the end time events described in Revelation?

Maranatha! DBM

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