In a nutshell: Pastor Martin says, "I am very conservative, holding to the inerrancy of the Scriptures in the original documents. Regarding Bible prophecy, I believe in the pre-trib rapture of the church and pre-millennial return and literal 1000-year reign of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth."

Pastor Martin believes that the Bible is verbally inspired and inerrant in the original documents. He uses the New Scofield Reference Bible which is the King James Version with selected archaic words updated. He interprets the Holy Scriptures literally wherever possible. He holds to the pre-trib, pre-millennial approach to the book of Revelation. This means Jesus Christ could literally return at any moment and rapture all true Christians out of the world and into Heaven. Then there will be a seven year period of terrible suffering on earth called the tribulation. The tribulation will end with the full return of Jesus Christ to earth and the battle of Armageddon. All the enemies of God will be destroyed and Jesus will set up His 1000 year kingdom on earth called the Millennium. At the end of the Millennium there will be the Great White Throne Judgment of the lost. Then all the lost will be cast into the lake of fire forever. The new Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven to become the final home of God and all His people forever. Look at the chart below to see a visual representation of what Dr. Martin believes regarding the sequence of end times events.

Two significant modern events relating to prophecy:

The most significant event in our generation is the return of the people of Israel to Palestine. For hundreds of years, there were very few Jews in what we call the Holy Land. In 1917 England issued the Balfour Declaration establishing a national home for Jews in Palistine as a British protectorate. In 1948 Israel became a free country again and the flag of David was raised. Much end-time prophecy could not be fulfilled until a major return of the Jews to Israel.

The other very significant modern event is the emergence of the European Community. All of Europe is now using one currency and becoming one government. Both Daniel and Revelation speak much of Rome in the end times. Rome never completely disappeared. Now EU includes most of the area of the world which was included in the Roman Empire when Jesus gave the book of Revelation to John. The Bible speaks of a world dictator during the tribulation calling him the "Beast" or the "Anti-Christ." I believe the Bible teaches that this powerful political leader will come from a "revived Roman Empire." The European Community is very close to being in a position of fulfilling that prophecy.

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